[Catalog] Tadanori Yokoo -slip off slip – Sure Zure Kusa – with Mask Portrait


Catalog, front cover

The official catalog for Tadanori Yokoo’s solo exhibition “slip off slip -Surire Suriregusa-WITH MASK PORTRAIT,” held at YUKIKOMIZUTANI from January 20 to February 27, 2021, is now available.

Slip off slip -Sure Zure Kusa-WITH MASK PORTRAIT” was held as a memorable opening exhibition at YUKIKOMIZUTANI, and featured woodblock prints inspired by Toshusai Sharaku’s yakusha-e, as well as Yokoo’s previous works including “Bungo Series,” “Pink Girl Series,” and “Fondation Cartier-The Fondation of the Cartier. The exhibition also featured Yokoo’s Mask Portrait, an arrangement of his previous works such as “Bungo Series,” “Pink Girl Series,” and “Fondation Cartier-The Inhabitants.

This catalog introduces the works presented at the exhibition with commentary by Kyoji Takizawa (curator of the Machida City Museum of Graphic Arts).

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Details of the catalogue

Tadanori Yokoo -slip off slip -Suri-Suri-Sure-Susa -WITH MASK PORTRAIT

Specifications 21 x 29.7 cm, 32 pages

Date of issue April 1, 2022
Design by Daichi Aijima (Yokoo’s Circus)

Written by Kyoji Takizawa (Curator, Machida City Museum of Graphic Arts)

Photography by Norihiro Ueno
Printing and bookbinding: Akatsuki Printing

Cooperation: Yokoo’s Circus

Price: ¥2,200