YUKIKOMIZUTANI is committed to protecting our client’s privacy. We will handle personal information with the utmost care and manage its proper use.

Usage Objectives
a. In order to provide required services by our clients.
b. In order to answer questions sent by our clients.

Unless required to do so by law, YUKIKOMIZUTANI shall not divulge personal information to third parties without first obtaining the permission of the owner.

YUKIKOMIZUTANI has established a management framework to protect personal data and ensures that all officers and employees recognize the importance of the program and comply with it.

YUKIKOMIZUTANI does not disclose or provide personal data provided by customers to third parties except with the consent of the customer from whom the personal data was obtained.

YUKIKOMIZUTANI responds to requests from customers for disclosure of personal data sincerely.

YUKIKOMIZUTANI accommodates requests for correction and discontinuance of use of customers’ personal information promptly within a reasonable scope.

YUKIKOMIZUTANI responds to inquiries from customers concerning personal data sincerely and without delay.