2024.7.19 [fri] – 8.31 [sat]


Tomohiro Inaba 'To the promised land' h1490×w2080×550mm Iron, urethane paint, acrylic paint 2024

YUKIKOMIZUTANI is pleased to present ‘THE STORIES THAT YOU SEE VOL.2’, a solo exhibition from Tomohiro Inaba, held from 19 July to 31 August 2024. In this second solo exhibition at YUKIKOMIZUTANI, Inaba will present new works featuring animal motifs such as bison, sheep, deer, and dogs, as well as pieces inspired by human figures. The stories woven by Inaba will show even greater breadth.


※ 2024/07/06 Sat 17:00-20:00

In conjunction with the “TERRADA ART COMPLEX GALLERY NIGHT”, YUKIKOMIZUTANI will have a public installation of the artist’s work prior to the exhibition period. For details on TAC GALLERY NIGHT, please see the information below in ‘TAC GALLERY NIGHT INFO’

※ YUKIKOMIZUTANI will be closed for the summer holiday from August 11th to August 19th, 2024.


Inaba has been creating sculptures that depict a story through the viewer’s imagination by actively creating a blank/marginal space in the sculpture. The blank spaces are the margins where the viewer’s imagination can touch and draw a story, and this imagination gives the sculptures autonomy and life to the animals Inaba creates.

We invite you to experience the echo of stories with his creatures at the gallery.


Tomohiro Inaba

Born 1984 in Tochigi, Japan. 2011, received Ph.D. from Bunsei University of Art (Tochigi).

His works have been exhibited and installed in U.S., Korea and Dubai. Notable works: Echigo Tsumari Art Triennale 2012 (Tsumari, Niigata), TOKYO DESINERS WEEK 2014 in Milano -Tokyo Imagine-(Milano, Italy), 2019 “A PLACE FOR STARS” at the Lodz central bus terminal (Lodz, Poland).