BIJUTSUTECHO  Chie Tsubomoto「間の形 – undetermined forms -」


Chie Tsubomoto Inscription(no.26) 2023 116.7×91.0cm glue, pigment, cotton panel: YUKIKOMIZUTANI

Chie Tsubomoto Solo Exhibition ‘間の形 – undetermined forms -‘ – open Friday 16 June 2023,  has been featured in an online article in Bijutsutecho.

Inspired by monuments known as the “faceless monuments,” which have been passed down generation with their characters erased, the artist Chie Tsubomoto explores the space between “understandings” and “misunderstandings”. In this exhibition, Tsubomoto Chie will exhibit works based on the theme of engraved letters and their disappearance.