Chie Tsubomoto 間の形 – undetermined forms –

2023.6.16 [fri] – 7.8 [sat]


Inscription(no.20-AB) 1620×1303mm each panel, cotton, glue, pigment 2023

YUKIKOMIZUTANI is pleased to present ‘Undetermined Forms’ (間の形), a new solo exhibition from Chie Tsubomoto, held from Friday 16 June to Saturday 8 July. Born and raised in Ehime, Japan in 1997, through her elementary and middle school education on history and human rights, Tsubomoto became aware of Seigaku Ando’s (1866-1953, historian and politician who was a member of the prefectural assembly) ‘Russo-Japanese War Memorial’, with this encounter leaving a powerful impact upon her. Known locally as the “faceless monument”, this stone monument, passed down to the next generation with its inscription perished through various political and historical backgrounds, lead Tsubomoto to her current way of working. Since a student, Tsubomoto has presented works themed around engraved letters and their disappearance, finding an artistic character within their randomness. Letters are painted atop one another, from originally created stencils, until the meaning of the characters themselves become illegible. A white background seeps through the foreground, and between these crevices “tome, hane, harai” (とめ・はね・はらい, the essential strokes that form the Japanese writing system) become visible, prompting one to recognize the presence of letters within the artwork. Tsubomoto expresses the past as a series of “understandings” and “misunderstandings”, believing our present exists as a result of such discrepancies in perception. Through her production process she searches for a resolution to accept such an indeterminate and uncertain reality. By way of works that shake the perception between letters and form, Tsubomoto’s philosophy is revealed. We kindly invite you to experience Tsubomoto’s first solo exhibition at YUKIKOMIZUTANI.



坪本 知恵 | Chie Tsubomoto

Born in Ehime Prefecture in 1997, Chie Tsubomoto completed her Bachelor of Fine Arts at the Department of Fine and Applied Arts at Kyoto University of the Arts in 2020. She creates artworks under the theme of “preservation of words” and “communication.” Her recent works are inspired by Seigaku Ando’s Russo-Japanese War Memorial. Tsubomoto is currently based in Kyoto.

She received a scholarship from the KUMA Foundation in 2019 and was a finalist at the “OSTEN BIENNIAL of DRAWING Skopje 2018.” In 2017, she received the Goto Shigeo Prize at the “ULTRA GLOBAL AWARD 2017.” Her works are included in corporate collections such as the Chishima Foundation for Creative Osaka (Osaka), OCA Tokyo (Tokyo), and OSTEN (North Macedonia).