nomoco Organising Chaos


2023.10.21 [sat] – 11.11 [sat]


Untitled Blue, h842 x w596, ink, paper, wooden panel, 2023

YUKIKOMIZUTANI is pleased to present ‘Organising Chaos’, a solo exhibition from nomoco, held from Saturday 21 October to Saturday 11 November 2023.


Born in Fukuoka, Japan, nomoco received an MA from Central Saint Martins College of Art, and soon after began her career as an illustrator. She has presented her work worldwide at numerous solo and group exhibitions in cities such as London, Milan, Mexico City, and New York. She creates work rooted in the inspiration she receives from sounds and nature, and the organic irregular movement of ink.


Within this exhibition the ‘chaos’ inside nomoco herself becomes the focus, and through developing an element of the work she has presented up until now as an illustrator, we see a collection of artwork that offers a glimpse into a new side of the artist. The feeling of trying to organise a cramped and confused state, the feeling of trying to neatly arrange the mess inside one’s head, the feeling of trying to control the uncontrollable. The mistakes and discoveries birthed by chance, diving into the picture in a trance-like state, and the therapeutic colours and shapes that emerge. All these sensations are incorporated into her work via the movement of ink.


Vivid colours and ink textures swell into the surroundings, as if the gallery has been transported into the depths of the artist. We invite viewers to submerge themselves in this space in the hope they feel a small sense of healing from the artist’s ‘chaos’ within.


*Painting workshops with the artist will be held on Sat 21 Oct & Sat 11 Nov, details to be released shortly.