Tomo Koizumi

2023.12.9 [sat] – 2024.2.10 [sat]


Tomo Koizumi 「Colors in impression (blue, orange, ocher)」 organza polyester, lacquer spray, acrylic 1750×2650 mm

YUKIKOMIZUTANI is pleased to present ‘Tomo Koizumi’ the first solo exhibition of artworks from Tomo Koizumi, scheduled from Sat 9 Dec 2023 to Sat 10 Feb 2024. Under the theme ‘boundaries between fashion and art’, the gallery space will resemble the inside of a wardrobe with the gallery itself becoming a frame, within which a fluid and shifting space will be formed. During the exhibition Tomo Koizumi himself with give a performance.


Since the launch of his eponymous brand TOMO KOIZUMI, Tomo has wandered the runways of numerous countries to thunderous applause. His one-and-only designs, audaciously decorated with frills, have attracted the support of renowned artists and musicians leading to many collaborations such as those with Bjork and Sam Smith. To Tomo Koizumi, the concept of “fashion as art” has always been held close to him as he has made his dresses. Creating dresses with the belief that they hold startling yet harmonious beauty that needs no explanation, he expands his expression moving back and forth between fashion and art in an ever-changing way. In 2022 Tomo’s affection for creating art was discovered at YUKIKOMIZUTANI, and this along with his belief in the beauty of a dress as a work of art, have led to the commencement of his solo exhibition at the gallery.


This exhibition sees works from his series ‘Dress as a painting, Painting as a dress’ – presented in Paris in September of this year, reconstructed within the space of YUKIKOMIZUTANI as both somewhat of an antithesis to the fashion industry and a challenge to the art world. As the artist himself states, the exhibition aims to reconsider the value of fashion and serve as a link between the industries of fashion and art.


Exhibition collaborator | Hideki Toyoshima

Support | LOBBY BAR, Hennessy


* The gallery is closed for the winter vacation during 2023.12.26 – 2024.1.8.