Stillness and Movement

2022.10.21 [fri] – 11.26 [sat]


YUKIKOMIZUTANI is pleased to present ‘Stillness and Movement’, an exhibition  from artist collective C-DEPOT, held from Friday 21 October to Saturday 26 November 2022. As a collective C-DEPOT uphold the philosophy “art = diversity” and this exhibition sees seven artists present their divergent interpretations of the theme of “Stillness and Movement”.


From the physical phenomena of the “stationary and in-motion” through to the concept of “the start and end of life”, “stillness” and “movement” permeate through all the elements that surround us, though they may be so familiar we may not even be conscious of them. This exhibition aims to re-observe such universal concepts and, through the filter of sevens artists, allow one to experience “stillness” and “movement”. 
                                                                  - C-DEPOT

C-DEPOT is a collective of more than 100 artists producing work in various genres including painting, sculpture, video, photography, and media arts. Founded in 2002 upon the philosophy “art = diversity,” it continues its activities as a bridge between artists and society.


金丸悠児 | Yuji Kanamaru
Born 1978, Kanagawa, Japan. Founder of the art collective C-DEPOT. Holds a postgraduate degree in Design from Tokyo University of the Arts. His work depicts the continuous chain of life that has existed from prehistoric times to the present, in the form of animals that have presided over time such as tortoises, and ancient sea life. His portrayal of familiar animals and towns is an expression of the analogy between the memories of our vast earth and our intimate daily activities within it.


堤岳彦 | Takehiko Tsutsumi
Born 1975, Kanagawa, Japan. Graduated from Tokyo University of the Arts with a Masters degree in Design. Alongside his creative work he also produces work as a graphic designer, primarily within print media. Tsutsumi aims to fuse his movement between the two varying fields of painting and design, and under the themes “simplification and extraction of information” and “the boundaries of perception” he pursues a graphical form of expression. The sand-like surfaces of his work are a feature of his uniquely developed form of Spluttering, a technique in which particles of paint are flung toward the canvas.


小松宏誠 | Kosei Komatsu
Born 1981. Upon receiving a Bachelors degree in Architecture from Musashino Art University, and a Masters degrees in Design from Tokyo University of the Arts, Komatsu, as a member of the collective ‘Atelier OMOYA’, began creating works that focused on the physical phenomena of nature. He became independent in 2014, and has been developing work based on a fascination with “suspension” and “birds” with attention now turning to “lightness”, “motion”, and “light”. He also produces work in large spaces and commercial buildings and is an Architecture Associate Professor at Musashino Art University.


真壁友 | Tomo Makabe
Born 1968, Niigata, Japan. Holds a postgraduate degree in Applied Physics from Tohoku Gakuin University. Working within both art and engineering, he creates work within the fields of media art and kinetic art. Seeing the production process to be a part of design and creative expression, Makabe also develops software and machine tools. He is also an Associate Professor in Visual Communication Design at Nagaoka Institute of Design.


菅本智 | Sato Sugamoto
Graduated in 2013 from Tokyo University of Arts with a degree in Design. Based in Tokyo, giving shape to the theme “diversity of thoughts and emotions” she uses textiles to visualise the complex fluctuations of the human mind. Through Sugamoto’s application of multi-coloured string and various materials, she illustrates in three-dimensions how diverse streams of thoughts layer and intertwine. Each material, independent yet intricately intertwined, represents the beauty in the merging of different values within individuals and others.


占部紗也香 | Sayaka Urabe
Born 1990, Saitama, Japan. Graduated with a degree in Industrial, Interior and Craft design from Musashino Art University in 2013. In 2012 her work was selected and produced as a commercial product by the MAU Product Design Competition. In 2013 her work was awarded the Musashino Art University Graduate Excellence Award. Urabe captures the delicate form of people and plants in ceramics.


水口麟太郎 | Rintaro Mizuguchi
Born 1994, Tokyo, Japan. Graduated from Tokyo Zokei University with a degree in Industrial Design and also studied in Paris at Ecole Boulle, Diplôme National des Métiers d’Art et du Design. He combines his primary material vinyl resin with various other materials to create his work. From an early age Mizuguchi had a fascination with imaginary life forms, tracing particular childhood memories of disassembling and remodeling soft vinyl and plastic “monster” toys. By utilising soft materials such as vinyl resin, he seeks to explore and express a new concept of what a monster could be.



“Stillness and Movement”
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