2024.3.29 [fri] – 4.27 [sat]


YUKIKOMIZUTANI is pleased to present “Observation,” a group exhibition by Shinya Imanishi, Arisa Kumagai, Masayoshi Nojo, and Mio Yamato from March 29 to April 27, 2024.

This exhibition features four artists of the same generation who graduated from Kyoto University of Arts in 2014 and participated in a graduate selection exhibition titled “Stars popping out of Chaos 2015”. The exhibition will trace the paths of expression pursued by each artist over the past 10 years, from graduation to the present, through a mix of new works and past works.
The title of this exhibition, “Observation,” refers to the artists who were likened to stars in the exhibition held 10 years ago, and is intended to allow us to observe where and how they are shining now, 10 years later. After the short yet long span of ten years that they have faced as artists, we will exhibit both their past works and new works to see how their art has evolved or
what has remained unchanged. Each of them has established their own unique style, making full use of completely different techniques such as Japanese-style painting, oil painting, and
installation, and after this exhibition, they will begin to walk their own paths again.

We invite you to view the works of these four up-and-coming artists in “Observation,” amixture of past achievements and future expectations.